How to pay uk visa fee in nigeria. UK VISA FEES IN NIGERIA OFFICIAL BRITISH VISIT VISA -

How to pay uk visa fee in nigeria. US VISA FEES IN NIGERIA 2019

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How to Apply for A UK Visa in Nigeria in -

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We have been notified of the payment declined issues with UK Visa fee payment. The payment issues are due to the following reasons. We are all aware of the dollar scarcity in Nigeria, this has led to many banks to disable Dynamic currency conversion DCC. Some banks still allow payment with Naira but their limit is too low and not sufficient enough to pay the said fees. If you are being faced with the payment decline issue, Here is some workaround you can use to successfully pay the fees:. If you would like us to handle the payment for you, simply visit our office for face to face transaction or make payment to our account above and call our hotline on this website.