Quotes from when helping hurts. When Helping Hurts Quotes by Steve Corbett

Quotes from when helping hurts. Meaningful Quotes About Helping Others

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When Helping Hurts Quotes by Steve Corbett

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Because as the title suggests, some of our best efforts to help the poor actually wind up hurting them — and us. If you have ever questioned how well the welfare system work, or the effectiveness of a short missions trip to relieve poverty, you will likely find this book extremely helpful. Some poverty is due to broken relationships, intellectual poverty, or spiritual poverty. Trying to remedy all problems with money assumes that money is the solution to relational or spiritual poverty, which is not true. Nor is the goal to make sure that the materially poor have enough money…. Truly helping the poor involves seeing complex issues for what they are and trying to see the root causes of it. Corbett and Fikkert share several good and practical ways of analyzing the situation and also ways to think about remedying potential situations of poverty.