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10 Redhead Runway Models You Should Know About

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We like a dash of rarity with our beauty and since natural redheads are a dying breed, or so they say , and finding a hairdresser with any skill to create a natural ginger hue is pretty much impossible, we always appreciate a full mane of genetic red hair. And especially when it seems like every model in the universe is going platinum these days , a ravishing red tone on the runway or popping up in campaigns feels fun and fresh. We've rounded up our top ten favorite redheaded models, below. Bartek Borowiec Talk about hair envy Bartek Borowiec's signature Rapunzel-esque red locks add an androgynous appeal that's landed him runway gigs at Hugo Boss and Gucci and plenty of print "blowing in the wind" spreads. He's like some sort of ginger nymph god-meets-goddess. Her curly crimson locks and pale, porcelain skin have landed her gigs with all the top photographers Weber, Testino, Demarchelier , magazines W , Harper's Bazaar , all the Vogues and fashion houses Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dior.