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Surya bonaly olympics. How Surya Bonaly 1998 Olympics Backflip Changed Figure Skating

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Former Olympian Surya Bonaly says don’t call her a rebel, call her fearless — The Undefeated

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It can be done, but the backflip will not only not receive credit, but a skater will also receive deductions or be disqualified if the move is performed in eligible figure skating competitions. It is a somersault-type jump, and as per the ISU's rulebook , two points are deducted from a skater's score for performing such a move. It was banned a few months after the Olympics. So it stands that men's figure skating champion Terry Kubicka's backflip at the Winter Olympics was the first and only legal one, and there was a big controversy about the backflip at time. That accident caused the rink to close for 24 hours.