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Aimee mullins olympics. Aimée Mullins

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Aimee Mullins | Speaker | TED

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By Lynn Greenberg. Not only is she a world-class athlete, she is a graduate of Georgetown University, a model, and an actress who has starred in both movies and on television. Her achievements are above and beyond, but to think that she did this all on silicone and titanium legs is so admirable. Mullins is a double-amputee after losing her lower legs when she was just one year old because she was born without fibulae. Still, she became a world record holder and a prominent Track and Field Paralympian. One must wonder however, if Aimee Mullins still competed, would she be a Paralympian or would she compete in the Olympic Games, like South African runner Oscar Pistorius? Pistorius will compete in London in both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.