Iphone 6 plus colours images. Which color iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus should you buy — Space Gray, Gold, Rose Gold or Silver?

Iphone 6 plus colours images. iPhone 6 Camera Quirks – and How to Fix Them

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Apple iPhone 6s Plus pictures, official photos

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Similar to the gold iPhone, the Rose Gold model, will turn heads when you use it in public. Apple made sweeping changes to its iPhone lineup when it introduced its gold iPhone 5s. Along with the gold model, Apple also changed the name of the former black iPhone to space gray and re-branded its white iPhone model with the matching name of silver. Like the gold version, the silver iPhone has a white-colored front plate and light gray bands across the back. The backplate is a silver colored anodized aluminum that is lighter in hue than the space gray model. The space gray iPhone keeps the tri-toned coloring of previous models, mixing a grey anodized aluminum backplate with a black front and dark grey bands across the back.