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We're in love! When it comes to babes of Hollywood, we flip-flop from one Jen and Kate to the next, but we're firmly planted in one spot as we gaze upon a woman who has stolen our hearts away from the likes of Scarlett and Megan. Alexandra Daddario is not exactly a newcomer to Hollywood, but the last couple of years of her career have certainly helped make her a household name and have her land the top position in all our spank banks. As the leading lady in the summer hit, Baywatch, we get to watch her frolic on the beach, which is probably the only reason to watch the flick that's based on the hottest TV show of the 90's. Whether you're a man or a woman, we're sure you can agree that there is just something about this blue-eyed hottie that makes you drool. Whether it's her exotic nature, stimulating gaze, or voluptuous bod, we're unsure if we should stare or look away out of fear of going blind. Either way, this girl is steamy AF.